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    I'm working on a bot that parses the data from the game's files and edits the Wiki automatically.  So far, I've been able to read the game's data.  It may take a while for me to finish the bot, or it may never be finished, so here's some useful information that someone may want to put on the appropriate pages:

    Combos for Animal (Muppet Theater) Combos for Rowlf (Muppet Theater) Combos for Floyd (Muppet Theater) Combos for Mahna Mahna (Muppet Theater)  Snowth + Big Mo (45%) Combos for Kermit (Muppet Theater)  Jax Strumley + Miss Piggy (30%) Combos for Miss Piggy  The Divettes + Durwood Clapper (45%) Combos for Fozzie  Gonzo + Jax Strumley (30%) Combos for Sam Eagle (Muppet Theater) Combos for Gonzo (Muppet Theater)  Snowth + Rats (45%) Comb… Read more >
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    Template Launches!

    August 28, 2013 by MutantPlatypus

    Hello, and welcome to the My Muppets Show Wiki!  I've finally finally finished various templates that should help greatly with editing.  Of most interest are and .  Check them out!

    I've also created the pages for each Muppet available so far.  We need your help filling in the tables that specify how much each Muppet earns per minute at each level and amount of happiness.  Once we have enough data, we might be able to reverse engineer the formula used to calculate them, and then they can all be calculated using just the base earning rate and base maximum.

    You may notice there aren't many images on the Wiki yet.  I need help taking screenshots and editing them for the site.  I can take screenshots on my device, but cutting out the Muppets and…

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