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Electric Mayhem Sign
Decoration electric mayhem sign
Available Level 5
Stage(s) Muppet Theater, Kitchen, Rooftop
Buying Price 100 Coin
Selling Price 75 Coin
Placement XP 25 XP
Size 1x1

Muppets Who Like This DecorationEdit

Every Muppet has different things that they like. For every unique object that they like that's placed on the stage, the Muppets's happiness will increase by one Happiness (in other words, placing two of the same liked item will still only increase happiness by one Happiness).

Muppet Theater Animal Spore Animal, Zoot Spore Zoot
Kitchen Animal Spore Animal, Zoot Spore Zoot
Rooftop Dr. Teeth Spore Teeth, Janice Spore Janice, Zoot Spore Zoot