"Wocka Wocka! Although his jokes are un-bear-able. (Get it? Bear? Unbearable? Ahhh!), Fozzie is the very heart and soul of the Muppets. Whether he's making music, making mirth or taking a pratfall, this bear never ever gives up. It sorta gives you paws... Get it, paws? Pause? Hoo boy, tough screen."

Spore Fozzie
Dressing Rooms Required 3
Available Level 9
Size 2x2
Stage(s) Muppet Theater
Digitization Time 6:0:0
Buying Price 250 Diamond
Selling Price 56,250 Coin
Placement XP 37,500 XP

Talent SearchEdit

Muppets can be purchased directly from the market/digitizer or found with a HARV-E talent search.

Muppet Theater Gonzo Spore Gonzo + Jax Strumley Spore Guitar 30%


Every Muppet has different things that they like. For every unique object that they like that's placed on the stage, the Muppets's happiness will increase by one Happiness (in other words, placing two of the same liked item will still only increase happiness by one Happiness).

Muppet Theater Sam Eagle Spore Sam, Reception Desk, Durwood Clapper Spore Clapper, Rainbow Setpiece

See AlsoEdit

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Earning RateEdit

Muppet TheaterEdit

Earning Rate (Coin/min)
Level Happiness (Happiness) Max (Coin)
0 Happiness 1 Happiness 2 Happiness 3 Happiness 4 Happiness
1 9 2400
2 15 4320
3 23 6240
4 29 8160
5 37 40 10080
6 49 12000
7 56 13920
8 64 15840