"The Swedish Chef feels right at home in this kitchen, with all the utensils and appliances he needs to do some creative - though not necessarily edible - cooking."


The Kitchen is the second stage accessible to the player. It is available for 200,000 Coin.

Market - Stages - Kitchen

Performing MuppetsEdit

The Muppets available to perform at the Kitchen include:

Muppet Harv-E Combination Digitizing Time
Animal Spore Animal Must be purchased 2 Hrs
Floyd Spore Floyd Must be purchased 2 Hrs
Rowlf Spore Rowlf Must be purchased 2 Hrs
Swedish Chef Spore Chef Must be purchased 2 Hrs
Jax Strumley Spore Guitar Rowlf + Floyd 6 Hrs
Chickens Spore Chicken Swedish Chef + Rowlf 6 Hrs
Big Mo Spore Pots Swedish Chef + Animal 6 Hrs
Kizzy Spore Tamb Animal + Floyd 6 Hrs
The Divettes Spore Twins Animal + Rowlf 6 Hrs
Veggies Spore Veggies Floyd + Swedish Chef 6 Hrs
Gonzo Spore Gonzo Jax Strumley + Chickens 12 Hrs
Zoot Spore Zoot Big Mo + Veggies 12 Hrs
Beaker Spore Beaker The Divettes + Zoot 12 Hrs
Rizzo Spore Rizzo Veggies + Gonzo 12 Hrs
Walter Spore Walter Gonzo + Kizzy 12 Hrs
Kermit Spore Kermit Walter + Jax Strumley 12 hrs
Lew Zealand Rizzo + Kermit 16 hrs
Marvin Suggs Walter + Beaker 16 hrs

Garbage and ClutterEdit

Earn experience points by removing the garbage and clutter from the stage, such as:

Item Removal Cost Removal Time XP Earned
Cone 500 Coin 20 Sec 500 XP
Garbage Bag 1,000 Coin 5 Min 1,000 XP
Luggage 2,500 Coin 30 Min 2,500 XP
Mop and Bucket 3,500 Coin 1 Hr 3,500 XP
Crates 5,000 Coin 2 Hrs 5,000 XP
Pile of Garbage 10,000 Coin 4 Hrs 10,000 XP
Heaps of Garbage 15,000 Coin 8 Hrs 15,000 XP
Dumpster 25,000 Coin 12 Hrs 25,000 XP

Dressing Room UpgradesEdit

Upgrade the Dressing Rooms to unlock more rooms. Each Muppet requires a specified amount of Dressing Rooms. For full details about the Dressing Room upgrades, please see the Dressing Rooms article.