"All aboard! The Muppets are ready to sail for a new adventure on the Big Blue Wet Thing, but first it's time to belt out a rollicking song in the key of High Sea!"


The Ship is the fourth stage accessible to the player. It is available for 1,500,000 Coin.

Market Icon - Ship

Performing MuppetsEdit

The Muppets available to perform at the Ship include:


Harv-E Combination

Digitizing Time
Rowlf Spore Rowlf Must be purchased 3 Hrs
Sam Eagle Spore Sam Must be purchased 3 Hrs
The Newsman Must be purchased 3 Hrs
1880's Robot Must be purchased 3 Hrs
Myron Bellows Rowlf + Sam Eagle 8 Hrs
Hera Thump Newsman + 1880's Robot 8 Hrs
Chickens Spore Chicken Rowlf + 1880's Robot 8 Hrs
Kizzy Spore Tamb 1880's Robot + Sam Eagle 8 Hrs
Boomer Rowlf + Newsman 8 Hrs
Rats Spore Rats Sam Eagle + Newsman 8 Hrs
Miss Piggy Spore Piggy Kizzy + Myron Bellows 20 Hrs
Camilla Kizzy + Chickens 20 Hrs
Pepe Spore Pepe Chickens + Hera Thump 20 Hrs
Kermit Spore Kermit Miss Piggy + Boomer 20 Hrs
Fozzie Spore Fozzie Camilla + Myron Bellows 20 Hrs
Crazy Harry Pepe + Rats 20 hrs
Sweetums Crazy Harry + Fozzie ? hrs

Garbage and ClutterEdit

Earn experience points by removing the garbage and clutter from the stage, such as:

Item Removal Cost Removal Time XP Earned
Garbage Bag 10,000 Coin 2 Hrs 10,000 XP
Luggage 20,000 Coin 4 Hrs 20,000 XP
Mop and Bucket 25,000 Coin 8 Hrs 25,000 XP
Crates 35,000 Coin 12 Hrs 35,000 XP
Pile of Garbage 75,000 Coin 16 Hrs 75,000 XP
Heaps of Garbage 110,000 Coin 20 Hrs 110,000 XP
Tarped Piano 200,000 Coin 24 Hrs 200,000 XP

Dressing Room UpgradesEdit

Upgrade the Dressing Rooms to unlock more rooms. Each Muppet requires a specified amount of Dressing Rooms. For full details about the Dressing Room upgrades, please see the Dressing Rooms article.